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Rashad Khalifa on Quran alone


Some Muslims compromise: “If a Hadith agrees with the Quran we will accept it, and if it contradicts the Quran, we will reject it!” Such premise proves that these people do not believe God’s assertions that the Quran is “complete, perfect and fully detailed.” The moment they seek guidance from anything besides the Quran, no matter how “right” it seems, they fall into Satan’s trap (see 63:1). For they have rejected God’s word and set up another god besides God (18:57). Appendix 19

The Quran proclaims that the Quran is complete, perfect, and fully detailed (6:1938114, 115; 50:45), and that religious regulations not specifically instituted in the Quran constitute a religion other than Islam, i.e., Submisssion (42:2117:46). The true believers uphold the Quran, the whole Quran, and nothing but the Quran. This principle is confirmed by the Quran’s mathematical code. Verse 46 of Sura 17 proclaims that we shall uphold the Quran ALONE. The word “ALONE” occurs in the Quran 6 times: 7:7017:4639:4540: 12 & 84, and 60:4. All these occurrences refer to God, except 17:46. When we add the numbers of suras and verses which refer to “GOD ALONE,” we get 361, 19×19. This proves that 17:46 refers to “the Quran ALONE.”
Appendix 18

[6:114] Shall I seek other than GOD as a source of law, when He has revealed to you this book fully detailed? Those who received the scripture recognize that it has been revealed from your Lord, truthfully. You shall not harbor any doubt.
[6:115] The word of your Lord is complete, in truth and justice. Nothing shall abrogate His words. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient.
*6:113-115 Upholding any source beside the Quran reflects disbelief in the Quran (Appendix 18)


I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their kinsmen, and will put My words into his mouth; he shall tell them all that I command him. If any man will not listen to My words which he speaks in My name, I Myself will make him answer for it. (Deuteronomy 18:18-19)

Even here is Deuteronomy, we see the accuracy of the language. We are not following Muhammad, we are not following Rashad Khalifa, we are not following any human being. And don’t let anybody tell you that. I don’t follow Rashad Khalifa. And you don’t follow Rashad Khalifa. We follow the words of God. We follow God. When people make those statements, they make out of idolatry. They idolize Ali and Muhammad and Hussain and Jesus and Mary and so on. They idolize human beings. We follow the words of God and if Rashad Khalifa says anything on his own, we don’t listen to him. You can listen and use your own discretion. But we cannot follow what Rashad says, we follow what God says, you and I. So, you can see here that God is saying, “If any man will not listen to My word, the words of God, which he speaks in My name, the name of God, I Myself will make him answer for it”. So, the idea of a messenger is not the messenger at all, if the messenger we know never existed, God will find other people to deliver the message. It is the message that is important, the word of God that we follow. You can see the accuracy even in the translation of the older scripture.

The next verse is John 14:16-17, Jesus says:

I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Paraclete – to be with you always: THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH.

Quran is the last message from God. Remember it is the message, not the messenger. The message came and will be with us till the end of the world, this, the Quran. And the Prophet Muhammad was the one who received and delivered it.
–Rashad Khalifa—Introducing the Blue Translation in Quran Study, Tucson, 1989

“We follow God. We follow the word of God alone. The principle is very easy – if it is not in the Quran, we have no consideration for it.
…your criteria is the Quran. If it is not in the Quran don’t believe it, no matter who is talking to you. It is a very simple principle. This is what we follow.
But you must be aware of this principle. It is our principle – if it is not in the Quran, I don’t believe it. It may or may not be correct, but if it is not in the Quran, I am not following it.”- Rashad Khalifa, Friday Sermon, 1989 Conference.

“Principle is – if not in the Quran we do not follow it.” – Rashad Khalifa, 1989 conference speech video.

“In this conference, you’re going to hear lots of views, personal views from many people. Anybody can say anything they want. But your criterion is the Quran. If it is not in the Quran, don’t believe it. No matter who is talking to you. Very simple PRINCIPLE because this is what we follow.” – Rashad Khalifa, 1989 conference.

“God thus teaches us that even contemporary Sahaabah can misunderstand God’s messenger. We must uphold ONLY the Quran” – Rashad Khalifa, SP – July 1989.

“Quran is the final scripture. It is completion of the message.
The Quran is all you need. In fact, God said the Quran is complete, perfect and fully detailed. If you go to any other source you will be disobeying God.
You devote yourself completely to God alone and devote yourself to the word of God alone, the Quran alone.” – Rashad Khalifa, Essentials of Submission Video.

“I believe That the Quran is complete, perfect and fully detailed because God said so in the Quran.
Because God says in the Quran that the Quran is complete, perfect and fully detailed. Question is do you believe God or not? If you believe God, you believe that the Quran is complete, perfect and fully detailed.
…therefore, if you go to anything else, you are rejector of the Quran. You have rejected disbelieved God.
Quran is fully detailed. God says Quran is fully detailed. Therefore, you don’t need anything else.
The important point is that God says the Quran is complete, perfect and fully detailed. This is the important point.” – Rashad Khalifa, The Great Debate

“This (Quran) is the textbook. This is the manual” –  Rashad Khalifa, 1988 Conference

“As stated in 3:81 and 46:9, God’s Messenger of the Covenant does not bring anything new; everything I receive and pass on to you is already in the Quran.” – Rashad Khalifa, Feb 1990 SP.

“Our only source must be His Word – The Quran” – Rashad Khalifa, 1988 Conference

“The criterion of obeying the messenger is that whatever he says must be in the Quran and be backed up by what God is saying. If it is not in the Quran, it is your obligation to disobey him.  Actually, in the same Sura it says that. So, the reason when God says ‘Obey God and His messenger’ is because the messenger conveys the word of God.” – Rashad Khalifa, Dec 28, 1989, Q-study #39

“We are people who follow the Quran, the whole Quran and nothing but the Quran. Therefore, anybody and this means anybody who brings any information must conform to the Quran, the whole Quran and nothing but the Quran.  And if anyone, I will underline anyone, who comes up with information that is not confirmed by the Quran, we tell him forget it, we don’t accept it. The criterion is preaching, confirming existing scripture, the Quran and nothing else.” – Rashad Khalifa, Khutba announcing his messengership, April 1988.

“We follow only God. We follow only the word of God. As you know, I will be the first to tell you, if it is my opinion, if it is Rashad Khalifa, don’t follow him, because you will probably do the wrong thing. You must be sure you are following God and following the word of God and we will go to any extend to make sure we are following God and the word of God. We are not following the words of any human being.” –Rashad Khalifa, Friday Sermon, 1989 Conference.

“You know that if I tell you tell you anything that is not Quranic, you can tell me to get out of here and I will be the first to denounce that.
This is the final message. Everything is here. And we do not do anything that is not here.” – Rashad Khalifa, 1988 conference.

“If you follow Dr. Khalifa, you are not right. Anybody here, and we all know this, we do not follow any person and we emphasize here we are worshippers of God alone. We follow the word of God alone and if I say anything that is not in the Quran, contradicting the Quran, I am the first one to appreciate alerting me to this because then I am wrong. Nobody follows me.” – Rashad Khalifa – Great Debate

“Why are you disobeying the messenger when he tells you that the Quran is complete and fully detailed, and you should uphold the Quran alone. Why do you disobey him and go to something else? You see in the Quran (…. Arabic), so why don’t you listen and obey Allah and the Rasool?
“…So therefore, you are reciting these verses, if you obey the Rasool you will uphold the Quran, the whole Quran and nothing but the Quran. If you go to anything other than the Quran, you are not obeying the messenger.” – Rashad Khalifa, The Great Debate

“Our leader is the Quran. Our imam is the Quran. Our guide is the Quran, the word of God. We are worshippers of God alone.” – Rashad Khalifa, The Great Debate.


One God / One Source

Our Almighty Creator commands that QURAN, specifically QURAN, SHALL BE THE ONLY SOURCE of religious teachings.

Furthermore, we are told that THE ACCEPTANCE OF ANY OTHER SOURCES for religious guidance equals the setting up of OTHER GODS BESIDE GOD:

“Say (O Muhammad), ‘Whose testimony is greater?’ Say, ‘God is the witness between me and you that THIS QURAN was given to me to preach it to you, and to whomever it reaches.’ However, you certainly bear witness that you set up other gods beside God (by upholding other sources beside Quran). Say, ‘I will never do what you are doing; I disown your idol worship.'” (6:19)

This profound verse, which happens to be verse [19] of Sura 6, enjoins the believers from upholding or following ANY OTHER SOURCE BESIDE QURAN, and that doing this is equivalent to the setting up of other gods beside God.

In the strictest possible language, we are commanded to uphold Quran, the whole Quran, and nothing but Quran.

Repeatedly, we are commanded to uphold Quran as the ONLY SOURCE OF RELIGIOUS GUIDANCE.

Again and again, we are reminded that the following of ANY OTHER SOURCE BESIDE QURAN EQUALS THE SETTING UP OF OTHER GODS BESIDE GOD.

Verses 22 through 38 of Sura 17 represent some of the most important commandments in Quran. Immediately following these verses we find the verse shown below:

“This is some of the wisdom revealed to you (in this Quran), and YOU SHALL NOT SET UP ANY OTHER GOD BESIDE GOD (by following any other source beside Quran). Otherwise, you will be thrown into hell, blamed and debased.” (17:39)


Despite the clear commandments, why do the followers of Hadith & Sunna fail to uphold Quran ALONE?

The answer is provided in the same Sura following the commandment shown on Page 8. Verses 45 and 46 of Sura 17 inform us that those who refuse to believe God and heed His commandment to uphold Quran ALONE are deliberately isolated from Quran. These two crucial verses are shown below:

“When you read the Quran, we place between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter an invisible barrier. And we place shields on their hearts, to prevent them from understanding Quran, and deafness in their ears. Consequently, when you preach your Lord IN THE QURAN ALONE they run away in aversion.” (17:45-46)



God says that Quran is COMPLETE, PERFECT, & FULLY DETAILED, and that you shall not seek any other source:

“We did not leave anything out of this book, then all will be gathered before their Lord (for judgment). Those who do not believe our verses are deaf and dumb; in total darkness. God sends astray whomever He wills, and directs whomever He wills in the right path.” (6:38-39)

“Shall I seek other than God as a source of law, when He revealed THIS BOOK FULLY DETAILED? (6:114)

“The word of your Lord is COMPLETE in truth & justice.” (6:115)


Obeying the messenger is absolute only as far as the Quranic revelations are concerned.

Obeying the messenger is in upholding Quran, the whole Quran, and nothing but Quran.

Obedience is strictly ON CONDITION THAT the source is God through the messenger, and not the messenger who is no more than a human being, subject to errors.

The Quran emphasizes that obedience is absolute when the source is God, while the personal opinion of the messenger may be detrimental to him and/or to those who follow his personal opinions:

“Anything good that happens to you (O Muhammad) is from God. And anything bad that happens to you is from you. We have sent you as a messenger to the people, and God suffices as a witness. Whoever obeys the messenger is obeying God. As for those who turn away, we did not send you as their guardian.” (4:79-80)

Thus, the personal opinion of Muhammad may be bad, or may cause bad things to happen. On the other hand, Muhammad the messenger utters THE WORDS OF GOD, i.e., the Quran, and must be obeyed absolutely. For whoever obeys the messenger is obeying God, and we are to obey the commandments of God, not the commandments of men.


“These are God’s verses; we recite them for you truthfully. In which “Hadith”, beside God and His verses, do they believe in? WOE TO EVERY SINFUL FABRICATOR. He hears God’s verses, then insists arrogantly on his way, as if he never heard them; promise him painful retribution. When he learns anything from our verses, he takes it in vain; these have deserved humiliating retribution. Awaiting them is hell; neither their earnings, nor the idols they had set up beside God can help them; they have deserved terrible retribution. THIS IS THE GUIDANCE, and those who do not believe the verses of their Lord will suffer debasement, and painful retribution.” (45:6-11)

Do you believe God’s verses? Do you believe that Quran is complete, perfect, and fully detailed (6:19, 38, & 114)? Or, do you have to have other sources beside Quran?

Quran is the only “Hadith” to be followed; all other Hadiths are blasphemous and misleading fabrications:

“God has revealed the best ‘Hadith’; a book that is consistent, and describes both ways (to heaven and Hell). The skins of those who reverence their Lord shudder therefrom, then their skins and hearts soften up and receive God’s message. Such is God’s guidance; He guides whomever He wills. As for those sent astray by Him, no one can guide them.” (39:23)

“There are those who advocate vain ‘Hadith’ causing diversion from the path of God, without knowledge, and fail to take such actions seriously; these have deserved humiliating retribution. And when our verses are recited to him, he turns away arrogantly, as if he never heard them; as if his ears are deaf; promise him painful retribution.” (31:67)


Satan succeeded in duping millions of Muslims into believing that obeying God means obeying the Quran, while obeying the messenger means obeying Hadith.

What helped in popularizing this Satanic trick was the general ignorance of Quran among the Muslim masses, and their failure to heed the divine commandments that Quran shall be the ONLY SOURCE of jurisprudence and/or religious guidance.

Only a little thinking leads us to realize that Quran came to us through Muhammad’s mouth, and DID NOT COME TO US FROM GOD DIRECTLY. Hence the commandment that we shall obey the messenger…for he utters the words of God.

When we seek “religious” instructions from Muhammad, or any other source beside God, we support Satan in his claim that God needs a partner. Therefore, those who worship God ALONE follow the instructions and teachings of GOD ALONE. As shown throughout this book, God’s teachings are complete, perfect, and fully detailed in Quran.


In your mind, can God survive ALONE???

Or, does God need Muhammad, in your mind, in order to be commemorated and worshiped???

In your mind, can GOD ALONE survive?

Or, does God need a partner, in your mind, such as Muhammad, Jesus, Mary, or some saint(s)???

Would you be perfectly happy and content if you knew about GOD ALONE, without Muhammad, Jesus, Mary, or any saint, or anyone, or anything?

Are you annoyed by talking about GOD ALONE?

When I keep talking about GOD ALONE, does this annoy you? Do you have to hear other names along with God? Can GOD ALONE survive in your mind?

When I repeat, and repeat, my talk about GOD ALONE, do you feel any repulsion? Or, are you happy and content with the talk about GOD ALONE??? Based on the Great Quranic criterion, as stated in 39:45, your answers to these questions provide the key to knowing yourself, and your destiny.



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The Islamic Jesus

The Islamic Jesus

Mr. Mustafa Akyol, a journalist and moderate Muslim. Quoting the write up in the above write up in Christian Science Monitor, “For starters, all three worship the God of Abraham. This is not breaking news, of course, but author Mustafa Akyol makes the most of this and other commonalities.”

The Quran advocates the absolute worship of God alone (“You shall not worship except God”) and for us not to make distinction among God’s Messengers.

The messenger has believed in what was sent down to him from his Lord, and so did the believers. They believe in GOD, His angels, His scripture, and His messengers: “We make no distinction among any of His messengers.” They say, “We hear, and we obey. Forgive us, our Lord. To You is the ultimate destiny.” [Quran 2:285]

This commandment is repeated in three other verses in the Quran.

The message of all messengers of God including Abraham, Jesus and Muhammad was the same – You shall not worship except God; also known as the First Commandment in the Torah, Gospel and the Quran.

The Arabic word “Islam” translates in English language as “Submission” and thus all messengers including Jesus and Muhammad practiced the Religion of Submission to God.

The Study Quran Translation

And when God is mentioned alone, the hearts of those who believe not in the Hereafter recoil. But when those apart from him are mentioned, behold, they rejoice. [39:45 – The Study Quran]

The translators of the Quran and the editors of THE STUDY QURAN validate that they do not follow nor observe God’s Words and commandments in the Quran. They demonstrate the condition of the majority of those who call themselves Muslims (the Arabic word Muslim translates in English as Submitter) who have either no knowledge of the Quran or if they do have the knowledge they simply do not obey God’s Words in the Quran.

Their translation (used here) states that the Quran is fully detailed for religious law and the only acceptable Hadith and Sunnah. BELIEF in God dictates that God should be BELIEVED. The editors and translators of this project do not believe nor submit to God’s own Words in the Quran.


Say, “What thing is greatest as testimony?” Say, “God is witness between you and me. And this Quran has been revealed unto me, that thereby I may warn you and whomsoever it may reach. Do you bear witness there are other gods beside God?” say, “I bear no such witness.” Say, “He is only One God, and truly I am quit of that which you ascribe as partners unto him.” [6:19]

. . –We have neglected nothing in the book- . . [6:38]

(Say) “Shall I seek a judge apart from God, when it is He Who has sent down unto you the book, expounded?” Those unto whom We have given the Book know that it has been sent down from thy Lord in truth; so be not among the doubters. [6:114]

The Word of Thy Lord is fulfilled in truth and justice. None alters His Words, and He is the Hearing, the knowing. [6:115]

We have indeed brought them a Book, which We have expounded with knowledge, as a guidance and a mercy for a people who believe. [7:52]

Following a source other than Quran is but idolatry (18:27) as a god other than God is being followed for religious law.


Islam (the Arabic word Islam translates in English as submission) is called the Religion of Abraham in the Quran. We produce the following translated verses from The Study Quran to point out that ours is indeed the Religion (Creed) of Abraham, and to point out that the translators left the Arabic word, a hanif, untranslated. Hanif translates as monotheist.

And who shuns the creed of Abraham, but a foolish soul? We chose him in this world and in the Hereafter he shall be among the righteous. [2:130]

And they say, “Be Jews or Christians and you shall be rightly guided.” Say, “Rather [ours is] the creed of Abraham, a hanif, and he was not of the idolaters,” [2:135]

Say, “Truly my Lord has guided me unto a straight path, an upright religion, the creed of Abraham, a hanif, and he was not of the idolaters.” [6:161]

Then we revealed unto thee, “Follow the creed of Abraham, a hanif, and he was not among the idolaters.” [16:123]


Just like the Arabic word Hanif is untranslated above, The Study Quran translators and editors could have left the Arabic Words Hadith and Sunnah untranslated in the following verses. Leaving those two words untranslated would make sense as those words are increasing referred to in the media.

However, had The Study Quran translators and editors left the Arabic Words Hadith and Sunnah untranslated, the bottom would fall out of their entire project. The Quran makes it clear that the only Hadith to be followed is the Quran itself and no Hadith other than the Quran can be followed. We have inserted in the following translated verses the Arabic Word Hadith and the Arabic Word Sunnah.

Certainly in their stories is a lesson for those possessed on intellect. It is not a fabricated account (Hadith); rather, it is a confirmation of that which came before it, and an elaboration of all things, and a guidance and a mercy for a people who believe. [12:111]

So in what discourse (Hadith) after this will they believe? [77:50]

These are the signs of God that we recite unto thee in truth. So in what discourse (Hadith) after God and His signs do they believe? [45:6]

So leave Me with those who deny this discourse (Hadith). We shall lead them on little by little, whence they know not. [68:44]

So in what discourse (Hadith) after this will they believe. [7:185]

And among mankind are those who purchase idle discourse (Hadith) to lead astray from the way of God without knowledge and who take it in mockery; for them there shall be humiliating punishment. [31:6]

God has sent down the most beautiful discourse (Hadith), a Book con-similar, paired, whereat quivers the skin of those who fear their Lord. [39:23]


Sunnah means system. The Quran only refers to God’s system and never to the Prophet’s system nor the messenger’s system nor to Mohammad’s system.

[That is] the wont (Sunnah) of God that came to pass aforetime; and you will find no alteration in the wont (Sunnah) of God. [48:23]

But their believing benefited them not when they saw Our Might. [That is} the wont (Sunnah) of God which has been passed among His servants; and the disbelievers were then lost. [40:85]

Thou shalt find no alteration in the wont (Sunnah) of God, and thou shalt find no change in the wont (Sunnah) of God. [35:43]

[That is] the wont (Sunnah) of God with those who passed before; and you will find no alteration in the wont (Sunnah) of God. [33:62]


The first commandment – you shall not worship except God – is central to The Quran, the Torah, the Gospel and the Creed of Abraham.

God bears witness that there is no god but He, as do the angels and the possessors of knowledge, upholding justice. There is no god but He, the Mighty the Wise. [3:18]

Know, then, that there is no god but God, and ask forgiveness for thy sin and for the believing men and believing women. God knows your coming and going, and your abode. [47:19]

Say, “I am only a warner, and there is no god but God, the One, the Paramount. [38:65]

Indeed, when it is said unto them, “There is no god but God,” they waxed arrogant. [38:65]


The Quran forbids us in making any distinction among God’s messengers. The Religion of Submission (In Arabic: Islam) is a Religion of God. It is not a religion about Mohammad, Jesus, Moses, who among others were merely messengers of God.

Say, “We believe in God, and in that which was sent down unto us, and in that which was sent down on Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and in what Moses and Jesus were given, and in what the prophets were given from their Lord. We make no distinction among any of them, and unto him we submit. [2:136]

The messenger believes in what was sent down to him from his Lord, as do the believers. Each believes in God, His Angels, His Books, and His messengers. “We make no distinction between any of His messengers.” And they say, “We hear and obey. Thy forgiveness, our Lord! And unto Thee is the journey’s end.” [2:285]

Say, “We believe in God, and in that which was sent down unto us, and in that which was sent down upon Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and in what Moses, Jesus and the prophets were given from their Lord. We make no distinction among any of them, and unto him we submit. [3:84]

But those who believe in God and His messengers and make no distinction between them – unto them He will give their rewards. God is forgiving, Merciful. [4:152]


And the Messenger will say, “O my Lord! Truly my people have taken this Quran for foolishness.” [24:30]

And so too have the translators and editors of The Study Quran taken the Quran as foolishness.

The translation has 1996 pages, sure to turn off anyone seeking a study of the Quran, even though the translation itself covers 1584 pages. Less than 20% of the words in the translation are the actual translated words of the Quran.

The translators and editors of The Study Quran suppress the Words of God in the Quran to the words of humans. They attribute reverence to those human’s words written centuries after the revelation of the Quran. They call those human words Hadith & Sunnah. As the Quran and their own translation states the only acceptable Hadith and the only acceptable Sunnah are the words of the Quran.

The Sunnis, Shias and the various sects in Islam have no differences about the Quran. Each sect has its own “authentic” Hadith. Each sect draws conclusions about various verses of the Quran through the lenses of their Hadith. So too have the translators and editors of The Study Quran. The simple and clear verses and the words of the Quran are drowned by the words of humans. The Creator’s Words are secondary to the words of God’s human creatures to the translators and editors of The Study Quran.

By giving the words of men in Hadith and Sunnah abrogation authority, over the Word of GOD in the Quran the translators and editors of The Study Quran have committed the very thing GOD commanded not to do in verses 6:114-115.

The Hadith and Sunnah literature may be valuable as sources of history but none of them can be used to derive meanings of the Quran. All interpretation and meaning should be derived in light of the Quran.


O you who believe! Ask not about things which, if they were disclosed to you, would trouble you. And if you ask them while the Quran is being sent down, they will be disclosed to you. God has pardoned this, and God is Forgiving, Clement. [5:101]


Obey God and His Messenger.
Where do we find details about Salat in the Quran?

The Study Quran

Could this Quran curb extremism?

The Study Quran project has a ruinous flaw which is promoted as central to the undertaking – commentary from outside the Quran.

The various sects of Islam have do not attribute their differences to the Quran, but to their own commentary. The commentary is based on sources external to the Quran. These sources known as traditions or Hadith and Sunnah are condemned in the Quran.

The Quran is a fully detailed scripture for religious law. Yes one may comment on the verses, but the comment must be supportable by other verses from the Quran. The source has to be internal rather than external to the Quran. There is a translation which does precisely that.

[Quran 5:101] O you who believe, do not ask about matters which, if revealed to you prematurely, would hurt you. If you ask about them in light of the Quran, they will become obvious to you. GOD has deliberately overlooked them. GOD is Forgiver, Clement.

For any study of a verse, the whole verse should be looked, subsequently verses before and after a particular verse and finally in light of the whole Quran prior to drawing any conclusion.


[2:256] There shall be no compulsion in religion: the right way is now distinct from the wrong way.


[60:8]  GOD does not enjoin you from befriending those who do not fight you because of religion, and do not evict you from your homes. You may befriend them and be equitable towards them. GOD loves the equitable.

[60:9]  GOD enjoins you only from befriending those who fight you because of religion, evict you from your homes, and band together with others to banish you. You shall not befriend them. Those who befriend them are the transgressors.

VERSE 47:4

[4:74] If you encounter (in war) those who disbelieve, you may strike the necks. If you take them as captives you may set them free or ransom them, until the war ends. Had GOD willed, He could have granted you victory, without war. But He thus tests you by one another. As for those who get killed in the cause of GOD, He will never put their sacrifice to waste.

Fundamentals of Islam

Egypt’s media regulator issues warning to controversial show discussing Islam

Islam El-Beheiry

The debate over the programme, called With Islam and presented by Islam El-Beheiry on private satellite TV channel El-Qahera Wal-Nas, started last week when Al-Azhar, the country’s leading Sunni Islam institute, filed an official complaint with the Free Media Zone, the state department in charge of managing cable TV channel contracts.

El-Beheiry’s show has previously tackled several controversial issues in Islam, including punishment for apostasy, the debate on early marriage, and different interpretations of the Hadith, the sayings and teachings of Islam’s Prophet Muhammed.

On Thursday, two independent lawyers filed a complaint with the prosecutor-general, accusing El-Beheiry of contempt of religion, insulting the Prophet’s companions and the Sunnah, the teachings and practices of Islam’s Prophet.

An open discussion about Islam is not allowed in Muslim countries – Egypt being a prominent Muslim country. Mr. El-Beheiry is being accused of “attacking the fundamentals of religion.”

Lets examine..


  1. Freedom of religion
  2. Freedom from oppression
  3. Worship God ALONE
  4. Uphold only the Quran as a source of religious law
  5. Only acceptable hadith (narration) is the Quran
  6. Only acceptable sunnah (system) is God’s which is spelled out in the Quran

Does the representative of Al-Azhar uphold any of the above fundamentals from the Quran? The answer is no. The consequences are horrendous in this world and the Hereafter.

An Islamic Reformation is the world’s best chance for peace

An Islamic Reformation is the world’s best chance for peace

John Lloyd writes:

If a young woman, before her marriage or after it, is found to have had sexual relations with another man not her betrothed, she is sentenced to be stoned to death. By contrast, a man who rapes or seduces a young girl usually must pay a fine to her father, and offer to marry her himself.

This punishment, ordained by God, is not confined to the ideologues of Islamic State. It is to be found in the holiest books of Jews and Christians: in a part of the Jewish Torah, known to Christians as Old Testament’s book of Deuteronomy.

This punishment is not found in the only sacrosanct and the only source of religious law for Islam – the Quran. The Quran has none of the drivel as proclaimed above, nor any of the spectacle of Islam reflected by its adherents in their treatment of women, freedom of religion, their dress, etc.

The Muslims consider Hadith and Sunnah (“traditions” of the Prophet) sacrosanct. The Quran condemns any Hadith other than itself. The Quran does not mention the Sunnah (system) of the Prophet. Only God’s Sunnah is acceptable and God’s Sunnah is fully detailed in the Words of the Quran.

The various sects in the Islamic world have no disagreement about the Quran. However, each of them have their own version of Hadith & Sunnah and thus disagree, fight end even kill each other based on their version.

The reformation in Islam is crucial and the pathway to it are the Words of God in the Quran.

John Lloyd writes:

“Man” to a degree meant also “woman” — but far from completely. The idea of male supremacy continues worldwide. Only under the influence of liberal and socialist reformers, emancipatory movements and feminism did (some) cultures recognize real, substantial equality of the sexes — rarely completely.

The Quran 1400 years ago gave the woman the rights of divorce, the right to own property and equality. The Quran gives the example of Sheba, a believer, a woman and a head of a nation. Western women got these right only in the last few centuries. It is the man made fabrications of Hadith and Sunnah which stripped the women of such rights.

John Lloyd writes:

At a talk in London, Morris poured scorn on those Western leaders – As President Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron — who argued the attacks on the magazine Charlie Hebdo in January had “nothing to do with the true religion of Islam.”

We can state categorically that the attacks on the magazine Charlie Hebdo in January had “nothing to do with the Quran.”

An Islamic Reformation of following only the Quran and rejecting the man-made fabrications of Hadith & Sunnah will happen and when it does, we agree with John Lloyd when he writes:

An Islamic reformation would be painful, surely internally violent — as reformation’s various phases were in Christianity. It would mean the sharp diminution of the power of the Imams; frontal challenges to the moral framework of millions, and to the power of religiously based dynasties, like the House of Saud. But if reform, and opening a space for free, unafraid debate, is to move from the fringes to the center and allow the majority to encompass both secular citizenship and devout practice, this hard transition is necessary — especially for Muslims themselves, the first and most numerous victims of extremism.

Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now


Why Islam Needs a Reformation – WSJ

Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote an essay entitled, “Why Islam Needs a Reformation” in the wall Street Journal in reference to her book.

We agree with her when she states the following:

“To defeat the extremists for good, Muslims must reject those aspects of their tradition that prompt some believers to resort to oppression and holy war.”

Islam (the Arabic word Islam translates as Submission in English) as practiced by the majority today, absolutely needs a reformation. That reformation exists within the Words of God in the Quran – a basis discarded by Ayaan Ali, who calls the Quran a book that was shaped by human hands.”

Ms. Ali refers to, “sacred texts and religious texts of Islam”. However, Islam as proclaimed in the Quran refers to only one text or scripture – the Quran itself.

Nothing in the Quran supports, “apostasy, adultery, blasphemy and even something as vague as threats to family honor or to the honor of Islam itself.” Nor does the Quran support, “..any statement critical of the Prophet or Islam .. as blasphemy and punishable by death.”

Herein lies the core issue:

“Any serious discussion of Islam must begin with its core creed, which is based on the Quran (the words said to have been revealed by the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad) and the hadith (the accompanying works that detail Muhammad’s life and words).”

This is where Ayaan Ali, the Western Scholars and the vast majority of the Muslims (Meccan or Medina) cannot support their point of view from the Quran. Only the Quran is the core creed and source of religious law for Islam.

“Despite some sectarian differences, this creed unites all Muslims. All, without exception, know by heart these words: “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah; and Muhammad is His messenger.” This is the Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith.”

The Shahaada spelled out in the Quran is “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah.” This is the profession of faith for any believer.

Those who can accept and use the Quran as the only source of religious law as the Quran indeed commands us will have no issues with freedom and religious freedom practiced in the west and specifically in USA.

Here are our comments of the five areas that Ayaan Ali offers as amendments.

“Muhammad’s semi-divine status, along with the literalist reading of the Quran.”

The Quran does not consider Mohammad as infallible. He was a human like the rest of us. In fact the Quran commands us not to make distinction among any of God messengers. It is precisely the literal reading of the Quran and upholding it as the only source of religious law which will lead to reformation in Islam.

“The supremacy of life after death.”

Belief in the Hereafter goes hand in hand with belief in God. The words of the Quran do not support any of the actions of the extremists and their destiny in the Hereafter will not be in Paradise.

“Shariah, the vast body of religious legislation”

There is no such body of religious law such as Shariah in the Quran. The words of the Quran fully detail religious law.

“The right of individual Muslims to enforce Islamic law”

Freedom of religion is the basic decree in the Quran.

“The imperative to wage jihad, or holy war”

There is no support for a holy war in the Quran.