God in the Quran

An excellent book!

Per the book cover, “The God of the Quran revises and perfects: His purpose is to make whole what had been corrupted or lost from the practices and scriptures of the earlier Abrahamic religions.”

Jack Miles compares the narration of the following in the Old and New Testament and the Quran.

  • Adam and His wife
  • Adam’s son and His Brother
  • Noah
  • Abraham and His Father
  • Abraham and His Sons
  • Joseph and
  • Jesus and His Mother

On verses 12:39-40, Jack Miles writes, “Sermons delivered in prison – and Joseph’s speech to his fellow prisoners is the longest he will give in the Quran’s Joseph story – can be as welcome and as life-giving as water in the desert or as desolating as the sight of land receding from view to a ship lost at sea.”

“As in the story of Adam and Eve, the afterlife, “the Hereafter’” appears as a pivotal moment in the Quran’s Joseph story; it never appears in the Bible’s.”

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