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Supporting a point of view by God’s words in the Quran



Unfortunately, only some submitters adhere to the above, even though the Quran and God’s messenger are clear and explicit about the above.

[6:114] Shall I seek other than GOD as a source of law, when He has revealed to you this book fully detailed? Those who received the scripture recognize that it has been revealed from your Lord, truthfully. You shall not harbor any doubt.
[6:115] The word of your Lord is complete, in truth and justice. Nothing shall abrogate His words. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient.
[18:27] … Nothing shall abrogate His words, and you shall not find any other source beside it.

“We are people who follow the Quran, the whole Quran and nothing but the Quran. Therefore, anybody and this means anybody who brings any information must conform to the Quran, the whole Quran and nothing but the Quran.  And if anyone, I will underline anyone, who comes up with information that is not confirmed by the Quran, we tell him forget it, we don’t accept it. The criterion is preaching, confirming existing scripture, the Quran and nothing else.” – Rashad Khalifa, Khutba announcing his messengership, April 1988.


Most of us, when we were first given the message, verified directly from the Quran. Thus, for the correct Shahadah, we would look at the words of 3:18, 47:19 and others similar verses of the Quran. We verified certain aspects the great mathematical miracle of the Quran like number of Suras or the number of letters in the Basmallah or the total number of verses in the Quran. We looked closely at the words of 3:81 to be validate that a messenger will come after all the prophets or 33:40 to ascertain that Muhammad was not the last messenger. Newcomers are encouraged and expected to do their homework of verifying from the Quran.


Like all previous messengers, the message of the messenger after the prophets was to worship God alone (39:45). The messenger made it clear that we worship God by upholding only God’s words in the Quran (17:46, 25:30). God blessed us by providing proof that every word of the Quran is a Proven Word of God. The messenger brought forth other information embedded within the Quran by God’s leave like the age of 40, the feud in the High Society, etc. In the February 1990 Newsletter, Dr. Khalifa states, “As stated in 3:81 and 46:9, God’s Messenger of the Covenant does not bring anything new; everything I receive and pass on to you is already in the Quran.”

The messenger summarized the embedded information in his English translation of the Quran. Thus, an Introduction gives a Quranic basis to the Religion of Submission and answers the question, “why are we here?” Appendices in the translation give details of the mathematical miracle of the Quran, proof of messengership and other issues of relevance. As an example, in Appendix 9, the messenger explains God’s divine preservation of religious duties from the time of Abraham to now with the Quran correcting all corruptions in religious duties and associated rituals. Neither Muhammad nor Rashad Khalifa were ‘given’ the steps for ‘how to perform salat’.


Dr. Khalifa states in his Book, Quran, Hadith & Islam:

“Only a little thinking leads us to realize that Quran came to us through Muhammad’s mouth, and DID NOT COME TO US FROM GOD DIRECTLY. Hence the commandment that we shall obey the messenger…for he utters the words of God.

“When we seek “religious” instructions from Muhammad, or any other source beside God, we support Satan in his claim that God needs a partner. Therefore, those who worship God ALONE follow the instructions and teachings of GOD ALONE. As shown throughout this book, God’s teachings are complete, perfect, and fully detailed in Quran.”

Similarly, the delivery of the miracle and embedded information did not come to us directly from God.


What is the point when a submitter, who in the process of accepting the message and verifying directly from the Quran (17:36), like the examples given above, transform from a submitter into a potential submitter who seeks “religious” instructions from Rashad and supports Satan in his claim that God needs a partner?

The answer is very simple. It is the point when one gets away from worshipping of God alone (inability to uphold God’s complete words in the Quran), and therefore that person is stripped of common sense. The following are some examples of stripped common sense of those who cannot give a point of view based exclusively on Quran.

–           They cannot define the word Quran. To them, it is something other that the Arabic Quran given to Prophet Muhammad.
–           They cannot accept that God’s words are complete in the Quran per 6:115.
–           They cannot accept that those complete words are the only source of law per 6:114.
–           They cannot accept that God’s words which make up the book (Quran) provide explanations for everything per 16:89
–           They cannot accept that God’s words in the scripture (Quran) contains the message per 21:10.

–           They cannot accept that God’s words in the Quran are called Hadith (a lowly word according to them) and that we cannot accept ANY other Hadith per 77:50, 7:185 and 45:6. Even though God calls His Glorious words in the Quran, Hadith, they are unwilling to call Rashad Khalifa’s words as Hadith.

–           They consider the messenger’s words in footnotes, subheadings, appendices, etc. as same as or ‘at par’ with God’s words in the 6346 verses of the Quran.

–           They consider the messenger, Rashad Khalifa as infallible and uphold his words as a source of law thus establishing a partner with God (under the guise of ‘authorized explanations’).


The human messenger imparted the message of worshiping God alone in his human words. The messenger’s words comprise of footnotes, appendices, subheadings, audios, videos, books and newsletters.

We can certainly impart the message by giving a potential believer, Dr. Khalifa’s Translation of the Quran, as it contains embedded information including the miracle of the Quran. We can provide the potential believer access to the audios, videos, books, etc.

However, if you worship God alone, can you support your point of view directly by God’s complete words in the Quran? Or do you need a partner to associate (shirk) with God’s words?

The messenger said, “My Lord, my people have deserted this Quran.” [25:30]


None of the above, in any way, means that any of Dr. Khalifa’s work should be cast aside nor does it mean that a thorough study of his should not be done nor does it mean that anyone should be discouraged from study of his works/videos, etc.

It simply means, that when a point of view is advocated, can support from the words of the Quran be provided. The source remains the Quran (Statute Book).  For Statute Law explanations and teachings do not become a source of law.


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