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Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now


Why Islam Needs a Reformation – WSJ

Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote an essay entitled, “Why Islam Needs a Reformation” in the wall Street Journal in reference to her book.

We agree with her when she states the following:

“To defeat the extremists for good, Muslims must reject those aspects of their tradition that prompt some believers to resort to oppression and holy war.”

Islam (the Arabic word Islam translates as Submission in English) as practiced by the majority today, absolutely needs a reformation. That reformation exists within the Words of God in the Quran – a basis discarded by Ayaan Ali, who calls the Quran a book that was shaped by human hands.”

Ms. Ali refers to, “sacred texts and religious texts of Islam”. However, Islam as proclaimed in the Quran refers to only one text or scripture – the Quran itself.

Nothing in the Quran supports, “apostasy, adultery, blasphemy and even something as vague as threats to family honor or to the honor of Islam itself.” Nor does the Quran support, “..any statement critical of the Prophet or Islam .. as blasphemy and punishable by death.”

Herein lies the core issue:

“Any serious discussion of Islam must begin with its core creed, which is based on the Quran (the words said to have been revealed by the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad) and the hadith (the accompanying works that detail Muhammad’s life and words).”

This is where Ayaan Ali, the Western Scholars and the vast majority of the Muslims (Meccan or Medina) cannot support their point of view from the Quran. Only the Quran is the core creed and source of religious law for Islam.

“Despite some sectarian differences, this creed unites all Muslims. All, without exception, know by heart these words: “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah; and Muhammad is His messenger.” This is the Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith.”

The Shahaada spelled out in the Quran is “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah.” This is the profession of faith for any believer.

Those who can accept and use the Quran as the only source of religious law as the Quran indeed commands us will have no issues with freedom and religious freedom practiced in the west and specifically in USA.

Here are our comments of the five areas that Ayaan Ali offers as amendments.

“Muhammad’s semi-divine status, along with the literalist reading of the Quran.”

The Quran does not consider Mohammad as infallible. He was a human like the rest of us. In fact the Quran commands us not to make distinction among any of God messengers. It is precisely the literal reading of the Quran and upholding it as the only source of religious law which will lead to reformation in Islam.

“The supremacy of life after death.”

Belief in the Hereafter goes hand in hand with belief in God. The words of the Quran do not support any of the actions of the extremists and their destiny in the Hereafter will not be in Paradise.

“Shariah, the vast body of religious legislation”

There is no such body of religious law such as Shariah in the Quran. The words of the Quran fully detail religious law.

“The right of individual Muslims to enforce Islamic law”

Freedom of religion is the basic decree in the Quran.

“The imperative to wage jihad, or holy war”

There is no support for a holy war in the Quran.

There is no god but God


Millions of muslims all over the world recognize Five Pillars of
Islam (Submission). However, all the Pillars, as practiced by the
muslims of today, are in violation of the Quran. I will examine
only the first pillar.


Verse 3:18 in the Quran states: “God bears witness that there is
no god except He, and so do the angels and those who possess
knowledge. He is the absolute God. There is no god except He, the
Almighty, Most Wise.”

The words of “Shahaada” or the First Pillar of Islam are thus
decreed by God in the above verse. “La Elaaha Ella Allah” is
repeated in the Quran numerous times.

Please note that the Shahaada of God, the angels and those who
possess knowledge is “there is no god except He” or “la ellaha
ella allah”.

However, “Shahaada” of muslims all over the world is – “I bear
witness there is no god but He and I bear witness that Muhammad
is the messenger of God.” This “Shahaada” as one statement is not
found anywhere in the Quran.

God has given us the brains, hearing and eyesight and we
commanded to use them. We need to examine the following:

1. The meaning of the word “witness” in the dictionary is; one
personally present; a person who knows or sees anything; that which furnishes evidence or proof; testimony; to see or know by personal presence.

None of us alive today witnessed the messengership of prophet Muhammad.

2. Difference between ‘believe’ and ‘witness’. The meaning of the word “believe” in the dictionary is; to credit upon the ground of authority, testimony, argument or any other circumstances than personal knowledge – v.i. to be more or less firmly persuaded of the truth of anything.

The Quran consistently talks about believers as those who
believe in God and His Messengers. Therefore, the believers,
based on the evidence and proof of the Quran, believe in God
and His Messengers.

Verse 172 of Sura 7 states: “Recall that your Lord summoned all
the descendants of Adam, and had them bear witness for
themselves: ‘Am I not your Lord?’ They all said. ‘Yes, we bear
witness.’ Thus you cannot say on the Day of Resurrection. ‘We
were not aware of this.'”

All of us bore witness that God alone is our Lord.

The statement, “There is no god but God and Muhammad is a
messenger of God” is also incorrect for the following logical

1. Muhammad was a messenger of God, just like Jesus, Moses and
other messengers/prophets. They were messengers of God.
Muhammad at the present time is not a messenger of God.
He completed his great mission at his appointed time of
his death.

2. The statement violates the commandment of not making a
distinction amongst God’s messengers which is repeated in
the Quran numerous times.

Verse 285 of Sura 2 states: “The messenger has believed in
what was sent down to him from his Lord, and so did the
believers. They believe in God, His angels, His scripture,
and His messengers: ‘We make no distinction among any of His
messengers.’ They say, ‘We hear, and we obey. Forgive us, our Lord. To You is the ultimate destiny.'”

3. Verse 144 of sura 3 states: “Muhammad was no more than a
messenger like the messengers before him.”

The first commandment in all of God’s scriptures is the same,
“There is no god but God.” The submitter (muslim) will not
associate anyone next to God.


“When God ALONE is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not
believe in the Hereafter shrink with aversion. But when others are mentioned besides Him, they become satisfied.” (39:45)

Making “Salawaat” on the Prophet is idol worship

“GOD and His angels help and support the prophet. O you who
believe, you shall help and support him, and regard him as he
should be regarded.” 33:56

The verse quoted above is one of the most abused verse in the
Quran. Millions of muslims, having fallen into Satan’s trap use
this verse to commemorate prophet Muhammad, a human; instead of
commemorating our Almighty Creator, God.

This is what verse 33:56 really says:

1. Whenever prophet Muhammad is described as a prophet (Nabi), it
is used exclusively when Muhammad was alive and never after his
death. For example in 49:2 the commandment was not to raise voice
above the voice of the prophet. Obvioulsy the commandment in 49:2
does not apply now. For the reader to verify forhimself/herself I
have found the following to be all the verses which refer to
Muhammad as a Nabi, the verses applicable when he was alive
3:68,79,161; 5:81; 7:157,158; 8:64,65,70; 9:61,73,113,117;
33:1,6,13,28,30,32,38,40,45,50,53,56,59; 49:2; 60:12; 65:1; 66:1,3;

2. The words YUSALLOON or SALOO or YUSALLEE or SALAT are all
derived from the root word WASALA, the noun being WASL or contact.
“SALLOO ‘ALAYHI” in 33:56 thus means to keep in contact with the
prophet which is only possible when he was alive.

3. Only a few verses before 33:56, we see a powerful commandment to
commemorate God; and that God and His angels support (Yasalloon)
the righteous believers.
“O you who believe, you shall remember GOD frequently.
You shall glorify Him day and night.
He is the One who helps you, together with His angels, to lead you
out of darkness into the light. He is Most Merciful towards the
believers.” 33:41-43

4. The prophet was ordered to MAKE SALAT (keep in contact or
encourage) the believers.
“Take from their money a charity to purify them and sanctify them.
And encourage them, for your encouragement reassures them. GOD is
Hearer, Omniscient. 9:103


“Say, “I have no power to benefit myself, or harm myself. Only what
GOD wills happens to me.” 7:188, 10:49


“You (Muhammad) will surely die, just like they will die.” 39:30


“GOD is the One who created you. He is the One who provides for
you. He is the One who puts you to death. He is the One who
resurrects you. Can any of your idols do any of these things? Be He
glorified. He is much too exalted to have any partners. 33:40


“When GOD ALONE is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not
believe in the Hereafter shrink with aversion. But when others are
mentioned beside Him, they become satisfied.” 39:45

We cannot make distinction among God’s messengers


[2:253] These messengers; WE blessed some of them more than
others. For example, GOD spoke to one, and WE raised
some of them to higher ranks. And WE gave Jesus, son of
Mary, profound miracles and supported him with the Holy


[2:136] SAY, “We believe in GOD, and in what was sent
down to us, and in what was sent down to Abraham,
Ismail, Isaac,Jacob, and the Patriarchs; and in what was
given to Moses and Jesus, and all the prophets from
their Lord. We make NO DISTINCTION among ANY OF THEM. To
Him alone we are submitters.”

We make NO DISTINCTION among THEM (Ahmed Ali)
We make NO DISTINCTION among ANY OF THEM..(Picktall)
We make NO DISTINCTION amongst ANY OF THEM ..(Dawood)

[2:285] The MESSENGER has believed in what was sent down
to him from his Lord, and so DID THE BELIEVERS. They
believe in GOD, His angels, His scripture, and His
messengers: “We make NO DISTINCTION among ANY of His
us, our Lord. To You is the ultimate destiny.”

..And We make NO DISTINCTION among betwee the apostles..
(Ahmed Ali)
..We make NO DISTINCTION between ANY OF His Messengers
..We discriminate against none of His apostles..(Dowood)

[3:84] Say, “We believe in GOD, and in what was sent
down to us, and in what was sent down to Abraham,
Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the Patriarchs, and in what
was given to Moses, Jesus, and the prophets from their
Lord. We make NO DISTINCTION among ANY of them. To Him
alone we are submitters.”

We make NO DISTINCTION between THEM, .. (Ahmed Ali)
We make NO DISTINCTION between ANY OF THEM..(Picktall)
.We discriminate against none of them..(Dowood)

[4:150-152]Those who DISBELIEVE in GOD and His
messengers, and seek to make distinction among GOD and
His messengers, AND SAY, “WE believe IN SOME and REJECT
some,” and wish to follow a path in between; these ARE
the REAL DISBELIEVERS. We have prepared for the
disbelievers a shameful retribution.
As for those who believe in GOD and His MESSENGERS, and
make NO DISTINCTION AMONG THEM, He will grant them their
recompense. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

. And make NO DISTINCTION among ANY OF THEM. (Ahmed Ali)
.And make NO DISTINCTION between ANY OF THEM..(Picktall)
… and discriminate against none of them..(Dawood)

Muhammad was able to read and write

Muhammad Wrote God’s Revelations With His Own hand

The first revelation was “Read,” and included the statement “God
teaches by means of the pen” (96:1-4), and the second revelation
was “The Pen” (68:1). The only function of the pen is to write.
Ignorant Muslim scholars of the first two centuries after the Quran
could not understand the Quran’s challenge to produce anything like
it. They had no idea about the Quran’s mathematical composition,
and they knew that many literary giants could have composed works
comparable to the Quran. In fact, many such literary giants did
claim the ability to produce a literary work as excellent as the
Quran. The latest claim came from Taha Hussein, the renowned
Egyptian writer. The ignorant Muslim scholars then decided to
proclaim Muhammad an illiterate man! They figured that this would
make the Quran’s extraordinary literary excellence truly
miraculous. The word they relied on to bestow illiteracy upon the
Prophet was “UMMY.” Unfortunately for those “scholars,” this word
clearly means “Gentile,” or one who does not follow any scripture
(Torah, Injeel, or Quran) [see 2:78, 3:20 & 75, 62:2]; it does NOT
mean “illiterate.”

The Prophet was a successful merchant. The “Muslim scholars” who
fabricated the illiteracy lie forgot that there were no numbers
during the Prophet’s time; the letters of the alphabet were used as
numbers. As a merchant dealing with numbers every day, the Prophet
had to know the alphabet, from one to one-thousand.

The Quran tells us that Muhammad wrote down the Quran – Muhammad’s
contemporaries are quoted as saying, “These are tales from the past
that he wrote down. They are being dictated to him day and night”
(25:5). You cannot “dictate” to an illiterate person. The Prophet’s
enemies who accuse him of illiteracy abuse Verse 29:48, which
relates specifically to previous scriptures.

On the 27th night of Ramadan 13 B.H. (Before Hijerah), Muhammad the
soul, the real person, not the body, was summoned to the highest
universe and the Quran was given to him (2:97, 17:1, 44:3, 53:1-18,
97:1-5). Subsequently, the angel Gabriel helped Muhammad release a
few verses of the Quran at a time, from the soul to Muhammad’s
memory. The Prophet wrote down and memorized the verses just
released into his mind. When the Prophet died, he left the complete
Quran written down with his own hand in the chronological order of
revelation, along with specific instructions as to where to place
every verse. The divine instructions recorded by the Prophet were
designed to put the Quran together into the final format intended
for God’s Final Testament to the world (75:17). The early Muslims
did not get around to putting the Quran together until the time of
Khalifa Rashed `Uthmaan. A committee was appointed to carry out
this task.

The above is quoted from appendix 28 from Quran, authorized
translation by Dr Rashad Khalifa.

Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad

The last sermon of the prophet witnessed by the thousands has
three versions. The versions the the references are listed below.

1) I leave with you Quran and Sunnah
Muwatta, 46/3

2) I leave with you Quran and Ahl al-bayt
Muslim 44/4, Nu2408; ibn hanbal
4/366; darimi 23/1, nu 3319.

3) I leave you for the Quran alone you shall uphold it.
Muslim 15/19, nu 1218; ibn Majah 25/84, Abu dawud 11/56.

Because the majority of the muslims follow conjecture (hadith and
sunnah) instead of Quran alone (17:46) as our Creator has
commanded the “muslims” are divided into sects. These sects are
there because of differences and disagreements on Hadith rather
than disagreements over the Quran.

Worshipers of God alone are a minority


The Quran states categorically that the worshipers of God alone
will be in minority and gives numerous examples.

[12:103-106] MOST people, no matter what you do, will not believe.
You are not asking them for any money; you simply deliver this
reminder for all the people.
So many proofs in the heavens and the earth are given to them, but
they pass by them, heedlessly!
The MAJORITY of those who believe in GOD do not do so without
committing idol worship.

many miracles.

[5:20-26] Recall that Moses said to his people, “O my people,
remember GOD’s blessings upon you: He appointed prophets from among
you, made you kings, and granted you what He never granted any
other people. “O my people, enter the holy land that GOD has
decreed for you, and do not rebel, lest you become losers.”
They said, “O Moses, there are powerful people in it, and we will
not enter it, unless they get out of it. If they get out, we are
entering.” TWO men who were reverent and blessed by GOD said, “Just
enter the gate. If you just enter it, you will surely prevail. You
must trust in GOD, if you are believers.” They said, “O Moses, we
will never enter it, so long as they are in it. Therefore, go – you
and your Lord – and fight. We are sitting right here.”
He said, “My Lord, I can only control myself and my brother. So,
allow us to part company with the WICKED people.”
He said, “Henceforth, it is forbidden them for forty years, during
which they will roam the earth aimlessly. Do not grieve over such
wicked people.”


[3:52] When Jesus sensed their disbelief, he said, “Who are my
supporters towards GOD?” The disciples said, “We are GOD’s
supporters; we believe in GOD, and bear witness that we are


[51:32-36] They said, “We have been dispatched to criminal people.
“We will shower them with rocks of clay.
“Marked by your Lord for the transgressors.”
We then delivered all the believers.
We did not find in it except one house of submitters.


[17:62] He said, “Since You have honored him over me, if You
respite me till the Day of Resurrection, I will possess ALL HIS


[25:30] The messenger said, “My Lord, my people have deserted
this Quran.”

Submitter (Muslim) – An Introduction

Muslim and Islam are Arabic words. The English equivalent for those Arabic words are SUBMITTER and SUBMISSION respectively. In this English language the words Submitter and Submission express the descriptive meaning of this religion – Submission to God alone.


[2:62 & 5:69] Surely, those who believe, those who are
Jewish, the Christians, and the converts; anyone who
(1) believes in GOD, and
(2) believes in the Last Day, and
(3) leads a righteous life,
will receive their recompense from their Lord. They have
nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

Thus, in the verses above, the Quran (The Final Testament)
spells out the basic requirements for salvation for any
human. Whatever a person might call his/her religion, he/she
is destined for Heaven if the above three criteria are met.

Thus a worshiper of God alone, when he/she comes across
the Quran will find nothing objectionable in it, as the
source of the Quran is God alone.


[29:2] Do the people think that they will be left to say,
“We believe,” without being put to the test?

It is God alone who determines which human is to be tested
by putting various tests across the human, including the
Quran or various verses in the Quran, the meaning of which
was not known before (Eg. “Over it is nineteen” or 3:81,
etc.). A worshiper of God alone which meets the above
criteria will always pass God’s test and accept God’s words
and BELIEVE what God states in His words in the Quran. A
rejector, disbeliever or a hypocrite will flunk the tests.

[2:155] We will surely test you through some fear, hunger,
and loss of money, lives, and crops. Give good news to the


[2:2-5] This scripture is infallible; a beacon for the
righteous; who believe in the unseen, observe the Contact
Prayers (Salat), and from our provisions to them, they give
to charity. And they believe in what was revealed to you,
and in what was revealed before you, and with regard to the

Hereafter, they are absolutely certain. These are guided by
their Lord; these are the winners.


[2:285] The messenger has believed in what was sent down to
him from his Lord, and so did the believers. They believe in
GOD, His angels, His scripture, and His messengers: “We
make no distinction among any of His messengers.” They
say, “We hear, and we obey. Forgive us, our Lord. To You
is the ultimate destiny.”

The submitter (muslim) BELIEVES God when God says that the
acceptable HADITH.

[6:114] Shall I seek other than GOD as a source of law, when
He has revealed to you this book fully detailed? Those who
received the scripture recognize that it has been
revealed from your Lord, truthfully. You shall not harbor
any doubt.

[6:115] The word of your Lord is complete, in truth and
justice. Nothing shall abrogate His words. He is the Hearer,
the Omniscient.

[77:50,7:185] Which HADITH, other than this, do they uphold?

[39:23] GOD has revealed herein the BEST HADITH; a book that
is consistent, and points out both ways (to Heaven and

The Submitter BELIEVES GOD when GOD states that HE is the
TEACHER of the QURAN and that EXPLANATION of the QURAN lies
with GOD.

[55:1-2] The Most Gracious.
TEACHER of the Quran.

[75:18-19] Once we recite it, you shall follow such a Quran.
Then it is we who will EXPLAIN it.

SUBMITTER (Muslim) and BELIEVER (Mu’men)

In verse 49:14-15, God gives us the definition of Submitter
and a Believer. A believer is one who has attained certainty
and has reached the status of no doubt. A submitter (muslim)
however, is allowed to have doubt.

[49:14-15] The Arabs said, “We are Mu’mens (believers).”
Say, “You have not believed; what you should say is, We are
Muslims (Submitters),’ until belief is established in your
hearts.” If you obey God and His messenger, He will not out
your works to waste. God is forgiver, Most Merciful.
Mu’mens (believers) are those who believe in God and His
messenger, then attain the status of having NO DOUBT
WHATSOEVER, and strive withe money and lives in the cause of
God. These are the truthful ones.

This marvelous separation of Muslim/Mu’men and the MECHANICS
of reaching the status of believer (explained below) assure
the potential Submitters (Muslims) that it is OK to have
doubts, but you must BELIEVE God’s words given above. One
can pose the favorite question of traditional muslims, “If
the Quran is complete, where do we find the details of
Salat?”. A true muslim (Submitter) will accept God’s
assertions that the Quran is COMPLETE and keep on following
the mechanics given below, even though the answer to the
Question will not be obvious at first.

A false muslim, on the other hand, will not accept God’s
assertion that the Quran is complete; but will accept the
assertion of others (parents, mullahs, scholars, elders,
other humans, etc.) that the Quran is not complete and that
we need sources other than the Quran like hadith/sunnah
attributed to the prophet against his will. This is flagrant
idolatry and rejection of what God states and DISBELIEVING

MECHANICS of becoming a BELIEVER after becoming a SUBMITTER.

[51:56] I did not create the jinns and the humans except to
worship Me alone.

[15:99] And worship your Lord, in order to attain certainty.

As the above verses states God created us for only one
purpose – to worship God ALONE. After becoming a SUBMITTER
and ACCEPTING and BELIEVING what God states in the Quran, we
need to worship God by practicing religious duties dictated
by God. Other than the shahaada dedicated to God alone
(“There is no god but God” or La ellaaha ella Allah), we
need to perform Contact prayers (Salat), Mandatory charity
(Zakat), Fasting and pilgrimage (if we can afford it). ALL
these religious practices have to be dedicated to God ALONE
– something the TRADITIONAL MUSLIMS fail to PERFORM
(following note covers this).

MIRACLES are then manifested for those who have attained

[2:118] Those who possess no knowledge say, “If only GOD
could speak to us, or some miracle could come to us!” Others
before them have uttered similar utterances; their minds
are similar. We do manifest the miracles for those who
have attained certainty.

[5:50] Is it the law of the days of ignorance that they seek
to uphold? Whose law is better than GOD’s for those who have
attained certainty?

[30:60] Therefore, you shall steadfastly persevere – for
GOD’s promise is the truth – and do not be intimidated by
those who have not attained certainty.

GOD’s words or FABRICATOR’s words

All scriptures have the same first commandment – that you
shall not worship except God. We learn from the Quran that
all of Gods prophets/messengers, Jesus, Abraham, Joseph,
Moses, Muhammad, etc . . . preached the same message of
Submission – Worship God Alone.

However, every prophet’s message has been corrupted by God’s
Will after the prophet’s death. The Jews after Moses’s death
created Mishnah and Gemarrah and uphold them rather than the
TORAH (revealed word of God). In the city of Nicene 300
years after the death of Jesus, the concept of Trinity was
CREATED, and is now the primary source of a Christian’s
belief in defiance of the Bible which advocates the absolute
worship of God Alone. The Muslims 250 years after the death
of Muhammad CREATED Hadith and Sunnah, falsely attributed to
prophet Muhammad, and in defiance of the Quran. Today most
muslims have discarded the Quran in favor of Hadith and

The Quran assures that these fabrications are a test
for us. The nonbeliever will accept these fabrications while
the believer will reject them. The following verses are
expose those who give lip service to belief in the
Hereafter. Those who TRULY believe in the HEREAFTER will
uphold God ALONE, the Quran ALONE and reject sources of
religious law OUTSIDE the Quran.

[6:112] We have permitted the enemies of every prophet –
human and jinn devils – to inspire in each other fancy
words, in order to deceive. Had your Lord willed, they would
not have done it. You shall disregard them and their

[6:113] This is to let the minds of those who DO NOT believe
in the Hereafter LISTEN to such FABRICATIONS, and ACCEPT
them, and thus EXPOSE their REAL convictions.

[39:45] When GOD ALONE is mentioned, the hearts of those who
DO NOT BELIEVE in the Hereafter shrink with aversion. But
when others are mentioned beside Him, they become

[17:46] When you preach your Lord, using the QURAN ALONE,
the run away in AVERSION.

Interest and Usury

[2:275] Those who charge usury are in the same position as those controlled by the devil’s influence. This is because they claim that usury is the same as commerce. However, GOD permits commerce, and prohibits usury. Thus, whoever heeds this commandment from his Lord, and refrains from usury, he may keep his past earnings, and his judgment rests with GOD. As for those who persist in usury, they incur Hell, wherein they abide forever

The Quran forbids usury, not interest. Quite a few states in USA have laws against usury. Usury is defined as excessive interest. A Dictionary defines usury as “an excessive or inordinate premium for the use of money borrowed”, “extortionate interest”, or “the practice of taking exorbitant or excessive interest.” The Arabic language also makes distinction between interest (Fa’eda) and usury (Reba). The Quran forbids Reba or usury.

Earning interest and paying interest is perfectly acceptable, as the Quran has not prohibited interest. Interest is an essential component of the financial aspect of an individual or an organization. Individuals may need to save money in a bank, may carry a credit card for convenience, or may borrow and pay interest for an automobile or to own a house. Borrowing money and thus paying interest for business loans is an essential component for business and organizations. Thus paying interest, as long as it is not considered excessive by the standard of the day and community, to a credit card company, to a financial institution for a loan of any kind (business, car, house mortgage) is allowed and perfectly legal from a Quranic point of view. Also earning interest from a financial institution like a bank or bonds or mutual fund is also fine.

As defined above usury is excessive interest. Unlicensed or illegal moneylenders (mafia as a well known example) charge usury, excessive interest. Such unlicensed or illegal moneylenders are all over the world and can easily be accessed by a few inquiries. For those who live in USA, any individual can find out about these moneylenders by asking about them within their ethnic business community. These illegal moneylenders have entirely separate standards for making loans – they charge excessive interest (usury) and usually rely on someone’s life (guarantor) as collateral. The Quran forbids in dealing with usury – borrowing money and paying usury or earning money by charging usury. The Quran specifically states that usury cannot be equated to commerce or taken as a normal business practice. The practice of usury, unfortunately, is prevalent all over the world with individuals and business engaged in this practice.

In practical terms as long as we are dealing with any state-licensed institution like a bank, Mortgage Company, Credit Card Company, etc., we are not violating any Quranic commandment as these institutions usually follow the law of the land and do not charge excessive interest. They calculate their interest rate on daily basis considering the status of the economy and the need of the society. However, if we deal with the illegal moneylenders who practice usury, we are in violation of clear Quranic commandments. This is not to say that one may not borrow or lend money to a friend or relative and even charge interest. Such transaction must be in writing as the Quran cleary commands in verse 2:282 and may involve interest, to at least pay for the cost of the loan to the lender if any, and compensate for any change in the value of the currency over the time of the loan, but should not involve usury.

[2:282] O you who believe, when you transact a loan for any period, you shall write it down. An impartial scribe shall do the writing. No scribe shall refuse to perform this service, according to GOD’s teachings. He shall write, while the debtor dictates the terms. He shall observe GOD his Lord and never cheat. If the debtor is mentally incapable, or helpless, or cannot dictate, his guardian shall dictate equitably. Two men shall serve as witnesses; if not two men, then a man and two women whose testimony is acceptable to all. Thus, if one woman becomes biased, the other will remind her. It is the obligation of the witnesses to testify when called upon to do so. Do not tire of writing the details, no matter how long, including the time of repayment. This is equitable in the sight of GOD, assures better witnessing, and eliminates any doubts you may have. Business transactions that you execute on the spot need not be recorded, but have them witnessed. No scribe or witness shall be harmed on account of his services. If you harm them, it would be wickedness on your part. You shall observe GOD, and GOD will teach you. GOD is Omniscient.

A note should be made that the Quran, which spells out religious laws for our great religion, removes the shackles and burdens imposed on us by the ignorant scholars and religious leaders. Most of the “Muslim” countries have various laws against interest and have sham “interest-free banking” reflecting their ignorance of this simple Quranic truth. Unfortunately, quite a few of those who call themselves Muslims fall victims to the falsehood spread by these religious leaders.

[2:276-280] GOD condemns usury, and blesses charities. GOD dislikes every disbeliever, guilty. O you who believe, you shall observe GOD and refrain from all kinds of usury, if you are believers. If you do not, then expect a war from GOD and His messenger. But if you repent, you may keep your capitals, without inflicting injustice, or incurring injustice. If the debtor is unable to pay, wait for a better time. If you give up the loan as a charity, it would be better for you, if you only knew.

[3:130] O you who believe, you shall not take usury, compounded over and over. Observe GOD, that you may succeed.

[4:161] And for practicing usury, which was forbidden, and for consuming the people’s money illicitly. We have prepared for the disbelievers among them painful retribution.

[30:39] The usury that is practiced to increase some people’s wealth, does not gain anything at GOD. But if you give to charity, seeking GOD’s pleasure, these are the ones who receive their reward manifold.

[7:157] “(4) follow the messenger, the gentile prophet (Muhammad), whom they find written in their Torah and Gospel. He exhorts them to be righteous, enjoins them from evil, allows for them all good food, and prohibits that which is bad, and unloads the burdens and the shackles imposed upon them. Those who believe in him, respect him, support him, and follow the light that came with him are the successful ones.”

Where do we find details of Salat in the Quran?


“Where in the Quran do we find details how to perform Salat?”

There are two implications of the Question above:

1. An implication that challenges God’s assertion in the Quran that the Quran is fully detailed.

2. An implication that Hadith contains the details of Salat and therefore Hadith other than the Quran can be used for religious practice and rituals. The fact is that there is NO hadith which gives us details of how to perform Salat. God controls everything. Since God has condemned all Hadith other the Quran  (The Quran is the only acceptable hadith), it is God’s will that any hadith other than the Quran, not contain the any details of Salat.

Those who are knowledgeable of the Quran know that there are two sources for the religion of Submission (Islam).

1. The Quran which fully details all religious LAW.
2. Religious practices given to Prophet Abraham and passed on to us generation to generation since the time of Prophet Abraham.

Salat existed prior to Prophet Muhammad.

The Quran only corrects religious practices corrupted at the time of Muhammad as well as religious practices corrupted now. The following are some specific examples of how Salat has been corrupted now; which is similar to how salat was corrupted at the time of Prophet Muhammad.


Ablution: Verse 5:6 give four steps for ablution. However, most Muslims have additional steps.

[5:6] O you who believe, when you observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), you shall: (1) wash your faces, (2) wash your arms to the elbows, (3) wipe your heads, and (4) wash your feet to
the ankles.


The overwhelming majority of the mosques of the world do not follow the following crucial commandment. The name of Muhammad is placed next to the name of God in most mosques. The name of Muhammad is called upon together with the name of God in Azaan. The muslims nullify their Salat by adding the name of Muhammad to the shahaada decreed by God “La ellaha ella Allah” [3:18 & other verses]

[72:18] The places of worship to God; do not call on anyone else besides God.


[2:37] Adam received from his Lord words, whereby God redeemed him; He is the Redeemer, Most Merciful.

Adam had to utter specific words in order to be redeemed by God. Similarly, God has given us specific words – the words of Sura 1, Al fatihah, in order to establish daily contact (salat) with Him, in order to be redeemed. It is God’s will that muslim masses all over the world know that the 786 stands for Basmallah or verse 1 of Sura Al-fatihah. 786 is the gematrical value of Basmallah which has 19 arabic letters.

Some Muslims when praying in congregation ignore the first numbered verse of the Quran, the first verse of sura Al-fatihah. When they reach the end of Al-fatihah, they shout in unison: “AAAAMEEEN” – a non-arabic, a non-Quranic word!!!!


The Quran commands us to use a moderate tone is Salat. Some Muslims remain silent is certain parts of their Salat.

[17:110] You shall not utter your Contact Prayers (Salat) too loudly, nor secretly; use a MODERATE tone.


After reciting Al-fatihah the potential muslims recite other chapters from the Quran. One of their favorites is Sura 112. What logical sense does it make that when we are performing contact prayers (salat) we tell God, “Say/Proclaim, `He is the One..'”!?

Sura 112:1-4 is reproduced below.

[112:1-4] Proclaim, “He is the One and only GOD.
“The Absolute GOD.
“Never did He beget. Nor was He begotten.
“None equals Him.”