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Tragedy at Hajj

Stampede at Hajj

Pilgrimage or Hajj maybe performed anytime during a four month period. Saudi Arabia restricts it to once a year resulting in major tragedies. This is the result of not following God’s law. It is God’s law that if you put your hand in fire, it will burn and hurt immensely.  So too is the result of discarding God’s law that pilgrimage or Hajj may be observed anytime during a four month time frame. By restricting Hajj to once a year the Saudi authorities invite tragedies such as the stampede this year.

Pilgrimage commemorates Abraham’s exemplary submission to God, and must be observed during the four Sacred Months – Zul-Hijjah, Muharram, Safar, & Rabi` I (12th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd months) (2:197; 9:2, 36). The Four Months of Hajj  are Zul-Hijjah, Muharram, Safar, & Rabi I.

[2:197]  Hajj shall be observed in the specified months. Whoever sets out to observe Hajj shall refrain from sexual intercourse, misconduct, and arguments throughout Hajj. Whatever good you do, GOD is fully aware thereof. As you prepare your provisions for the journey, the best provision is righteousness. You shall observe Me, O you who possess intelligence.

*2:197 Hajj can be observed any time during the Sacred Months: Zul-Hijjah, Muharram, Safar, and Rabi I.

[9:36]  The count of months, as far as GOD is concerned, is twelve. This has been GOD’s law, since the day He created the heavens and the earth. Four of them are sacred. This is the perfect religion; you shall not wrong your souls (by fighting) during the Sacred Months. However, you may declare all-out war against the idol worshipers (even during the Sacred Months), when they declare all-out war against you, and know that GOD is on the side of the righteous.