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Jihad and Terrorism


Concept of Jihad, Resorting to War, Agression and Opression

The term jihad has attained a very derogatory connotation. People make a very grave mistake when they speak of jihad but mean “war.” They should check the Quran and see what it says on the issue of war, its true status and laws. Should not its meaning and implication be understood in light of Quranic teaching? more >>

Verses in the Quran about War

We have reproduced below verses from the Quran being advertised as jihad verses in the web (www.yoel.info/koranwarpassages.htm). We will let the reader make their own determination. We have provided a link for each verse encouraging the reader to check verses before and after each verse for context purposes. The ultimate overall context is the Quran itself and verses 60:8-9 provide the basic law for relations with non believers. more >>

Verses about striving or jihad in the Quran

Jihad in Arabic means struggle or strive. The Quranic verses deal with struggle or striving for personal growth and against evil from inner self. The quranic verses on striving or jihad also deal with the cause of God and against Satan and Satan's constituents. more >>